Electric car sharing is coming to Esporles!

El cotxe elèctric compartit arriba a Esporles!

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Ecotxe is an electric car sharing co-op that started in Palma de Mallorca. In the city our members can access our two vehicles located in the municipal SMAP car parks on Via Roma and Parc de la Mar. However, congestion and pollution are problems that not only affect Palma, but the entire island, which is why our goal is to expand our sustainable mobility model to other parts of Mallorca.

With this goal in mind, we are proud to begin fundraising to expand our fleet and buy a shared electric car for Esporles.  We believe that this town is the perfect location for a third car sharing site because:  

  1. Its population has a high level of environmental awareness;
  2. There are a large number of private cars, which cause street congestion and make parking increasingly difficult every day;
  3. There is a large population of part-time residents who, due to work or tourism, only need a car seasonally; and
  4. It’s an important social base, since Esporles is the municipality with the second highest number of Ecotxe members.

We bought our first car through a crowdfunding on Goteo. The second, with our own funds and volunteer social capital contributions to the co-op from our many members. For our third car we want to try something different: to raise funds through individual contributions. In order to make this possible we are offering two different ways to participate:

1. Sponsorship through Volunteer Social Capital (VSC) contributions.

Currently VSC is paid at 1% interest. The interest rate is set annually at the co-op’s General Assembly. The VSC is 100% refundable at any moment pending board approval.

2. Buying prepaid hours

This second option consists of buying prepaid hours that will be discounted each time you use one of our shared electric cars. With this option, you’ll receive a bonus of 10% extra hours with your purchase. For example, if you purchase 900€ of rental time, with the current tariff (4.50€/hr), you get 200 hours of use. However if you purchase the same amount in prepaid hours, you’ll receive an additional 20 hours for a grand total of 220.

In order to participate in either option you must be a co-op member. There is a 100€ Mandatory Social Capital fee for all new members. This contribution can be refunded at any time. To cover the initial registration amount, 100€ will be deducted from all new member contributions.  

You can review the details and the risk factors at the end of this article.  

I want to contribute to have an Ecotxe in Esporles

The benefits of Ecotxe for Esporles

For potential new users of the service, the benefits of Ecotxe in Esporles are easy to see. However, it’s likely that other Esporles residents reading this article are asking themselves, “If I already own one or two cars that cover my transportation needs, why would I invest in this shared vehicle?” Even for non-users there are many reasons to join Ecotxe.

Which electric car?

We would purchase a Renault Zoe, which is the same model as the two other Ecotxe cars. It’s a model we know well and has autonomy for 300 km between charges. Our goal is to collect 30,000€, which are the funds needed to cover the initial purchase and associated costs.

We have the support of the Esporles Town Hall who have offered us a free reserved parking spot in one of the town’s two car parks. It should be mentioned that Esporles already has charging stations available (two in the Canonge Joan Garau parking lot and another two in Ca l’Amet) supplied with 100% renewable energy, which are currently free to use. Relying on renewable energy means an even higher reduction of pollutants.

How to participate?

In Ecotxe we have a three-month timeline to raise the 30,000€ for the Esporles electric car. If at this point we haven’t yet reached our goal, we’ll reevaluate if we’ll continue fundraising. In the case that we decide not to, we’ll refund all participates who contributed towards the Esporles campaign.

30,000€ may seem like a lofty goal, but together we can make the first electric car sharing in Esporles possible! If you want to join the campaign, click on the link below.

I want to contribute to have an Ecotxe in Esporles

Main characteristics of the prepaid hours of use

Characteristics of Volunteer Social Capital (VSC) contributions

Risk factors (economic, legal and technical) to consider before you contribute

I want to contribute for an Ecotxe in Esporles

El carsharing o cotxe elèctric compartit arriba a Esporles!